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Transforming Construction Automation In India

India has long been dreaming of all things big, right from economy, software, manufacturing and construction to name a few. One of its biggest hurdle is not the dream but the doing. The implementation process is where the problem starts as the norms & paperwork get going the implementation is where it holds up.

With a ratio of 24 weeks to a 20 storied residential tower for construction completion it definitely is not a smart feet but a greater acumen with right ratio of labor to automation that any country can pull off. With a pace similar to the west if India needs to work at this rate it has to adapt to a long-standing pending stream of Construction automation, where the dependency on manual labor has to be forbidden.

Automation in the civil industry is the next big revolution India is peeping through and when this hits it will transform jobs and transmogrify the entire nation by reducing the downtime of the entire process.

Picture Courtesy : Columnform, Stairform Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia

We are talking specifically of just five areas that may well make an impact and bring about a sea change in perspectives, that is flooring mat, column form pillars, ligatures, handrail & stringers for staircase.

The mat generally made of rows and columns of TMT bars twined together at joints are not anymore the same, as automating of this involves a certified welding process involving every joint to be MIG welded to make sure it does adhere to the safety norms and to weld at such a large area consumes time and labor again, to which the simple solution is process automation where the entire clamping, positioning & welding takes place in Industries assembling & manufacturing such Mats according to the configuration of the selective floor space.

From Column form, ligatures to stringers every segment where welding pre fabricated or form work based construction happens requires process automation for welding, cutting, gluing and clamping. Together with these processes there are bundles of such parts piled & shipped from Industries to the site where construction process happens at hare’s pace.

At this pace with these right tools and industries adopting more process automation can only change the face of our nation.

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