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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

When it comes to design, development and complete process solution of component assembly with intricate welding and improvising productivity, here's another project which we worked up close to make sure the process transforms into an easy operation.



  • Circular welding of 4 ends of d bars & central plug using mig welding process.

  • The automation for this welding as continuous welding manually was difficult, hazardous to operator.

  • Easing of operation.


  • After carefully working on customer requirements we delivered an spm which not only satisfied the customer but made the customer happy.

  • The machine is now producing 56 such welded components in a shift with the customer working for 2 shifts per day.

  • Two people were working on loading and welding of components while now a single operator can work on loading and welding.

  • An operator who doesn’t know welding can also operate the machine, it has helped in de-skilling of process.

  • The operator is not under influence of harmful gases hence it safe guards the operator.

Clamping & Weld Process of Cast In Plate


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